Men's White Tees:  5424m

Women's Yellow Tees: 5403m

Junior/ Novice Purple Tees: 1400m: see breakdown of holes below

1 - 140m

2 - 180m

3-  235m

4 - 180m

5 - 160m

6 - 90m

7 - 155m

8 - 170m

​​​​​​​9 - 90m

(from the average golfer's viewpoint!)

No.1 & 10  Pollard.  Probably the most straightforward Par 4 on the course.  Deceiving slope on the green,  pace often affected by the shading mature trees.

No. 2 & 11 "Homestead. Another Par 4 dog leg to the left.  The brave sometimes clear the mature trees on the left for a clear second to the green.  Second shot usually needs extra accuracy with obstructing trees on the right and shrubs on the left.  Probably the trickiest green on the course. No. 2 is slightly shorter.

No 3 & 12"The Glade" Par 3 tightly bound by large plane trees either side of the fairway and grass bunkers either side of the green;  a good distance at 182m and 170m.  Best Par 3 in Marlborough. No. 12 slightly shorter but you get another crack at hitting straight!

No. 4 & 13 "Temptation" our shortest Par 4 at 287m, lined with 60 year old trees down the left side and more navigable trees on the right.

No.5 & 14 "The Ned"  can be watery for the wanderer or maybe that 'duff' shot into the ditches that cross the fairways.

No. 6 & 15,  "Waterlea".  Another watery hole with out of bounds ditch on right and also a  ditch crossing the fairway.  The green is tucked away in a corner beside race course.
No. 6  being the shorter of the two.

No. 7 "The Wrecker" veer right and you are in the racecourse or the ditch running the length of the hole. No. 16 slightly different angle and a bit longer.

No. 8. "Redwood" looks a simple Par 4 with a slight dog leg to the left.   No. 17 is a bit further back.  Beware the trees to the left are unforgiving and the redwood beside the tee and beware also of the direct approach.

No. 18.  "Harling" target green, but tricky if hitting into the breeze. You need to flight your ball over the circular rough in front of the green.  No 9 our new target hole, just 100m but, can cause more trouble than No. 18.